What's with the funny hours?

Glad you asked.

Whenever a dog checks in or out and is walked through the kennel, the rest of the dogs bark themselves silly. If that happened all day long they'd never get any rest, and their stay would be a lot more stressful. So we have built in discrete periods of down time to give them a happier stay.

The late 15 minute window was started since we are out there anyway letting the dogs out and administering medicines one final time and we felt it would be a convenience for you. We eliminated it mid-week in the non-summer months because it was seldom used and it afforded us a chance to take care of the dogs on a more flexible schedule so we could attend to family responsibilities.

There are only 4 days a year we do not have drop off or pick up, but we still take care of the pets who are here

We know our hours are hard to remember, but we've tried to make it up to you by being open seven days a week and lots and lots of evenings. We don't know of another kennel who has 8 PM check out on Sundays. We hope any inconvenience we cause in remembering our hours is more than offset by your ability to pick up your dog when you get home from a big weekend.

The Aurora Kennel