Stuff You Need to Know

Vaccination Requirements and Health Status

Dogs-- Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Rabies
Cats--Feline distemper, Feline Upper respiratory complex, Rabies

Our policy is that your pet must be current according to your veterinarian's general practices as long as they are not longer than these guidelines:
       Distemper-3 yrs
       Rabies-3 yrs
       Parvo-1 yr
       Leptospirosis-1 yr
       Bordetella-1 year

Regarding puppies, you must get approval by your veterinarian to board puppies under 3 months.

New pets must have been in your possession for at least 3 weeks and have been examined by a veterinarian in order to board.

We recommend that your dog have annual heartworm testing and regular preventative; flea preventative; annual fecal testing (required for use of the play area).

We recommend cats get feline leukemia/FIV testing.

Regarding fleas: We don't like 'em. Please leave fleas at home. If you wish to board fleas, we will have to charge extra in the form of a flea treatment, for which you will be billed. We will not return your fleas to you.



We use Hills Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs, which is specially developed to be easy on the tummy. Food changeover issues are minimal and we have had great success with it. If your dog needs to eat a certain food, feel free to bring it with appropriate instructions.



Our guests have ample fresh water at all times.


Beds / Bedding

Our mainstay is a plastic platform bed which keeps your pet off the ground and allows air to circulate underneath for temperature control. We also have a small selection of comfy cots which are appropriate only for some smaller dogs (the larger cots just did not hold up to the rigors of kennel life). We also supply bedding, like blankets and our new Cuddle Mats if your pet agrees not to chew it up. If he is a chewer we would appreciate knowing. Not only is it destructive, but swallowing non-food items could give him a tummy ache which could lead to an expensive surgery. We reserve the right to charge you for excessive damage to our beds.

NOTE: If your dog is a blanket chewer you need to tell us. If your dog chews a blanket and swallows some (or all) of it he may require surgery. This is an unhappy experience all the way around. If we see your dog chewing a blanket, we will take it away and his blanket chewing will go on his permanent record.



We can (and are very good at) dispensing medications your pet requires. Please provide any meds in properly labeled containers with clear instructions. There is no charge for pills. There is a small fee for ear and eye or other time consuming treatments.

           DIABETIC pets can be cared for providing they are regulated and are good eaters. There is an additional fee for diabetes management. We have years of experience in managing pets with diabetes and have worked with the Aurora Veterinary Clinic in assuring we are properly trained.


Your pets together

We do not put pets together who do not live together. If you have more than one dog or cat, they may board together providing they get along. Our only concern is that one may be a food hog and the other a picky eater. It's often difficult to determine which dogs are eating the food if they do not eat while we are watching. We can separate temporarily for eating providing the slowest eater takes no more than ten minutes. Otherwise we recommend boarding them separately. Dogs and cats can never board together.


What to bring

Emergency phone number

Medications if needed

Toy if desired (Note we do not permit rawhides, as they can become 'slimy snakes' and dogs can choke).

You may bring your own bedding providing it's 100% machine washable, in a standard washer. Large comforters, foam bead beds and wicker baskets are discouraged (which you may interpret as 'if you bring them we will not use them'). Please remember that dogs in the kennel may not behave the same as they do at home. They often chew or soil things they would not ordinarily. We cannot be responsible for destroyed bedding. We recommend that since we have plenty of nice bedding, that you leave yours at home.



If you must cancel, please do so as far in advance as possible. We do not currently charge for no-shows and extra late cancellations but this policy may change if we are not given the courtesy of notice.


In case of emergency

If you pet becomes ill or injured we will make every attempt to notify your emergency contact. Situations that require immediate attention will be handled at our discretion. We will use your regular veterinarian if he is within 10 miles and is open. If not, we will use the Aurora Veterinary Clinic. If they are not open we will use the Veterinary Emergency Clinic on Richmond Rd in Bedford Hts. On your first visit we will ask you to fill out a release, where you will express to us your wishes regarding emergency care of your pet.

You can download a form HERE and fill it out in advance.



We will gladly quote you a price over the phone. Prices depend on the size of the dog, and there are discounts for three or more.

All prices include food, water (don't laugh, some people ask), bedding (if eligible), basic medicine administration, and the occasional treat.

We charge per night, like a hotel, with check out time being 10:00 a.m. Pick up after 10:00 will be charged an additional half night. There is a minimum charge for a one day stay.

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards at time of checkout.

Here are the things you will see on your invoice:
        The number of nights your pet stayed, plus the half for afternoon pick-up if applicable.
        Play time if requested.
        Bath if requested or if truly necessary.
        Flea treatment if truly, truly necessary.
        Medicine charge for eye/ear treatments or diabetic management, if applicable.
        Nominal transportation fee if we have to take your pet to the vet.

        That's it! No hidden charges. No surprises.


We can bathe your dog and trim his nails while he is here. You may also schedule him for a bath-only appointment.

We do not currently have a groomer who can do haircuts. We recommend:
Four Paws and a Tail, 300-562-1300
Dogs With Style, 330-655-3647
Collar and Leash, 330-425-0971

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