The Aurora Kennel now offers playtime for your dog in our 1,600 square foot, fully enclosed play area. Play consists of 15 minutes of your dog a and human--no other dogs. If you have more than one dog they may play together. We do not put dogs together who do not live together. There is an additional charge.

We provide toys but you may bring a favorite one if you like.

You can schedule playtime as often as you like: once a day, twice a week, or whatever fits your dogs' needs.

Note: your dog must have a negative stool sample in the past twelve months to be eligible.

Rastro Turf (think Jetsons)

The play surface is an artificial turf, like a football field, specially designed for dogs

No mud. No gravel. Pure comfort.


In the  best interests of your pet, we reserve the right to limit or cancel play time when weather conditions do not permit. Examples are extreme heat or cold, hard rain or storms. And if it ever hurricanes, we'll cancel for that too.

Why your dog prefers The Aurora Kennel

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